Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog 15

This is the last blog that we have to write for our English 102 class

This was the first time i have ever written a blog and in the beginning it was quite hard.
The writing process is easy once you have a guide line to follow. When we have blogs to write they are based on the reflections of what we have read in class. They are our own thoughts and feelings of what we discussed on the material. We are graded by our structure and the content of our responses. When we write a blog entry we have to think of what we read and really explain in detail what we feel. The blog must be written in the correct structure making sure we answer all parts of the question we choose to reflect on. What I have noticed is that in the beginning since I didn't really know what to write about they were not as long. Besides I was a little shy. But after the comments I would get by my classmates it made me feel more confident and I noticed I started writing alot more than before. I think that as I have wrote these blogs I have tried to connect to them on a personal aspect. I like to include personal experiences and I know how to acknowledge the sources we use. The only thing that I find a little difficult is including pictures to go with my blogs. I have tried to put them in and they fail to show so I don't know if it is my blog or computer that causes the problem.

My online experience has been a great one. As I mentioned before I had never written a blog and was able to express myself so freely. The writing here was very different. It felt more like free writing where we were able to follow the question, but answer with our own thought and critical thinking about the topic. The writing from this class helped me build my confidence when it came to writing. I felt more comfortable and less shy expressing myself. I also enjoyed reading my classmates writing as well. It helps reading other people's work because it allows you to evaluate your own thinking. Sometimes I could relate, sometimes I learned something new from reading their work. But overall the experience has been a great one. No one has been rude or inconsiderate of other people's ideas or experiences. We all respect each other and that makes it a better environment to get your creativity out on the blog. I do feel that some people have also read my blogs because they leave comments and it shows that they are interested in what I have to say.

This class has been very rewarding, not to be a teacher's pet or anything, I just really enjoyed having professor X as my English 102 teacher. I had previously taken 102 but I dropped the class because it was so boring and the lectures the teacher had would not connect to me in any aspect. I had tried but I could not get into it. Leaving this class has shown me that I can feel confident in what I have to say because I have never been discouraged in any responses. Overall I enjoyed the material we discussed. We were able to read two books that I never would have imagined reading and they were very interesting. Not only were they interesting we learned so many different themes that they had that I didn't ever think of it while I read them. Only after reading and discussing them in class was I able to critically think of the major topics. I feel that now I can read a book and not just focus on the story, but I know that the author has other messages besides the story line. My most memorable experience had to be with the book Kindred. I really liked that book and all the discussions we had about the history of slavery. I enjoyed that book so much that I told a few people to read it whenever they had the chance because I could not put the book down.  What I could recommend anyone that is taking this class, is just to have an open mind about the blog entrys. At first it could be a little nerve wrecking but once you get into it and you enjoy the reading it will make the class so much fun. The professor is very nice and makes everything fun. Especially the jeopardy game we had for extra credit. Thanks again Professor X for making this class worth it =)

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