Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog 14: Self Evaluation

In class we have finished the blog series of Drama. This is my evaluation.

Out of all of my blogs, I liked number 13 the best. The reason why I liked this blog is because of the analysis of the symbolism of the unmasking of each character. In that blog we were asked if we agreed with the ending and if not what would we change in order to make it different. I liked the fact that I felt that Benedick had changed as well as Claudio in a little way. Beatrice's change left me a bit dissatisfied and in my opinion I wouldn't have changed her into becoming a tamed shrew...

What have I learned in this class:

  • Well I learned of the different aspects of the Literary terms of Drama. I enjoyed reading the play because we were able to see the movie and understand the language because of the book that was chosen for the class.
  • I learned about the the different expectations of marriage through the aristocratic era. The forms of courtship and how women were viewed in that time frame.
  • I learned how men have always had the upper hand since the very begining, till now. Even though a little of the power has been shared with women in current times.
  • In the play we were able to see the different characters and how they would be viewed. we also learned how the bonds of friendship could be broken when love is in the mix. First with Don Pedro and Claudio, when Claudio thinks his friend Don Pedro has lied to him and taken Hero for himself. Thanks to Don John and his lies. Then with Benedick and Claudio when Beatrice asks him to kill Claudio.
  • The symbolism of the death and rebirth of Hero and the unmasking of the true selves.

    This class over all has been interesting and enjoyful. The class discussions have been helpful in understanding the play and how the characters were portrayed to follow with the beliefs of that time.

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